Most businesses use lead magnets. Lead magnets entice prospective customers to share their precious email address. They can be an incredible and effective tool for your sales team.

As the pace of life and technology continues to grow faster, it’s important to think about how and when your audience will use your lead magnet.

But first: Strong desire or urgent need?

Lead magnets that offer a solution to a strong desire include long-form content that can help educate your lead in a complex or new topic. The topics for these lead magnets are usually best practices for different channels or extensive step-by-step guides.

As we head into 2020, it's important to make sure your lead magnet will be still relevant to your audience. Over 27% of businesses offer ebook guides as a lead magnet. While these can be useful, they might not be the best offer for a busy executive.

While you may get that email, if the person who signed up doesn't engage with your content right away they're less likely to open your emails later.

Your best bet is a lead magnet that solves an urgent need. Think about your average day at work. If you are searching for new content, it's often to solve a problem in the moment.

A lead magnet that offers an immediate solution to a problem is one your lead will download and use right away. If it works well, that lead will look forward to your next email and it will build their trust in your brand.

Your lead magnet funnel

Your goal should be to create a strong lead magnet funnel from the beginning. In order to build your funnel, you should:

  • Create a landing page for lead generation
  • Use an email marketing tool for targeted future communication
  • Use a leadscoring platform to segment and prioritise your leads
  • Include a clear CTA and end goal for each segment

To simplify the process of managing your lead funnel (and the process management tools you'll need to operate it), make sure to use a cross-channel management and automation system.

Many blogs with lead magnet ideas recommend free tools as a lead magnet. This is because free tools are an offer that can create both a strong desire and urgent need. But creating a personalized tool for your customers can seem overwhelming.

In this post, we're going to explore 5 powerful lead magnets that will work for your business in 2020.

Let's get started.

1. Hashtags for a niche

Hashtag swipe files are great lead magnet ideas for e-commerce. While a handful of hashtags in your social media posts should always relate to the specific content of the post, hashtag research is time-consuming. Competition for promoting e-commerce on platforms like Instagram is stiff. Some hashtags will always be valuable and relevant to a specific niche, so offering hashtag swipe files as a lead magnet is a great idea.

Hashtag swipe files are also great lead magnet ideas for bloggers. For example, if you're looking to attract fashion bloggers, a collection of hashtags for every fashion niche- handbags, shoes, jewelry, New York Fashion Week- could be a winning lead magnet in 2020.

2. SEO templates and checklist


SEO (search engine optimization) is important for any business with a digital presence. It is also a complex subject for any newbie to tackle. An SEO checklist can focus on on-page, off-page, or technical SEO. It can offer a detailed step-by-step to optimize a website, product listing, ad, or blog for online search. Whether you want to focus on keyword research, decorated headers, or content research, there is a lot of value you can offer.

SEO checklists are especially great lead magnet ideas for artists or photographers. Creative industries are very competitive in this lead magnet could give your audience an edge.

3. Design checklist

Another lead magnet checklist with maximum impact can help your leads with design. Visual design and user experience are important, but most people aren't confident in these skills. A simple checklist for designing a website is very helpful. If you're not sure where to start, consider collaborating with a freelance designer or an agency that offers web design services.

As you put together this list of reminders, think about your design process as well as how you navigate a website. Add best practices for the About page, landing pages, image sizes, and more. This kind of lead magnet will keep subscribers looking to you for more in the future.

4. Swipe files for headlines and subject lines for different audiences

Everyone is talking about Gen Z, and there are more Baby Boomers on social media than ever before. Lead magnet ideas like swipe files for headlines can help your audience understand the subtle differences between their different buyers.  It can also help them to better hone their messaging to target their best possible customers.

The headlines you offer will help them understand their customers if they haven't had a chance to create detailed buyer personas. It will also help them save the time it takes to research and write these headlines on their own.

5. A template to calculate ROI for services businesses


Most small businesses in the U.S. sell services rather than physical products or digital products. It can be difficult to communicate the value of services online. Start with the ultimate question every business asks: what is my return on investment?

If you're looking for lead magnet ideas for coaching, a template like this is especially useful. As you write your template, think about the budget a coach or personal trainer usually has. Consider staffing and other common expenses, then outline what a coach or nutritionist might see as extra costs.

You’ll want to include as much detail as you can. Include statistics and case studies to support your template. Make it easy to figure out the average ROI for each sales channel, and offer best and worst-case examples.  Don’t forget to touch on every point of the buyer journey, and to consider time as well as the financial investment for each section.

Bonus lead magnet ideas

Email templates are always useful for busy businesses. Try creating an email template lead magnet for SEO. It’s tough to build a web presence and to get backlinks for new content. No matter how great the content is, this process can be intimidating. Make it easier by creating simple and customizable email templates for your specific audience.

Another bit of writing you can offer to your potential leads? Video scripts. Experts expect online video to be even more powerful in 2020 than it has been in the last few years. Anything you can do to help streamline the process of video creation can offer huge value to your audience.

A software tool related to your core offering is also a lead magnet worth exploring, as the tool can genuinely offer real value to your target audience and therefore help establish your credibility. Take this Resume Building tool by Cultivated Culture for example.

Once you've put together one of these lead magnet ideas, add it to a landing page, your blog, and don't forget to promote it on social media. By meeting the needs and desires of your audience you will build strong relationships. Use one of these lead magnet ideas and make 2020 an incredible year for your business.