Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to boost your customer engagement and sales through creative marketing and email campaigns.

While social media may seem like the obvious channel for your holiday marketing efforts, you can also share a wealth of information with your customers through well-designed Thanksgiving newsletters.

And thankfully, they’re not as difficult to nail as you’d think. As a start, you can use customizable newsletter templates to whip up a newsletter in minutes or even find a an affordable freelance designer on Fiverr (or a similar site) like UpWork.

Let’s explore the 10 best Thanksgiving newsletters of recent times to identify the foolproof strategies you can apply to your own.

Expedia Welcomes You

To create an impactful Thanksgiving newsletter campaign, you should be sending out a number of emails including a welcome email, a teaser, a reminder, and emails on the day of the event.

Start your Thanksgiving welcome off with a bang, like in the above example from Expedia.

Expedia begins their Thanksgiving newsletter campaign with a special limited-offer coupon that first-time customers can use to avail of a discount.

Events such as Thanksgiving are an excellent time to reach out to new customers. To keep them engaged with your brand, a welcome newsletter like the one here is a great tool.

You can look at these welcome message examples for inspiration for non-event emails to send to new customers.

Note also the visuals that Expedia have used—they immediately invoke the spirit of Thanksgiving with an expansive dinner spread.

The colors also evoke Fall—with orange and yellow hues strewn throughout.

Though this isn’t in-line with Expedia’s brand colors, they have kept their brand essence intact with a header bar that highlights their logo.

Nic + Zoe Offer a Discount

One of the best ways to engage your audience during an event like Thanksgiving is by offers special discounts.

Look at how Nic + Zoe’s Thanksgiving newsletter evokes the spirit of Thanksgiving. This is a good way to attract attention as it speaks to people’s emotions, rather than actions.

They then attract your eyes downwards to the discount itself, which in and of itself, is very attractive.

What this Nic + Zoe does brilliantly is keeping its layout clean and readable.

There’s plenty of white space, a sparse color palette, and a splash of colors that highlights the discount.

Unlike Expedia who went all out with their Thanksgiving imagery, Nic + Zoe have retained to their brand palette, thus appealing to a broader non-Thanksgiving celebrating crowd.

This probably made the newsletter creation process much easier for the Nic + Zoe marketing team, as they use their usual email templates and product imagery, instead of creating or sourcing Thanksgiving-related visuals.

eWatches Gets Interactive

According to Mailshake, only one-fourth of the sales emails people receive every day are opened. If you want your subscribers to interact with your messaging, you need to be creative.

And what could be more creative in a Thanksgiving newsletter than an interactive countdown?

Countdowns are incredibly effective tools to capitalize on the feeling of FOMO—fear of missing out.

The human heart also often syncs up with countdowns, making them beat faster and adding to the sense of urgency.

What eWatches has created with their Thanksgiving newsletter is an exciting and thorough guide—not only are they offering an additional discount for Thanksgiving, but they are also tailoring their newsletter to the needs of the customer.

This added personalization, alongside how interactive the newsletter is, increases the chances of this newsletter leading to conversions and purchases.

Add a touch of interactivity in your newsletter—it doesn’t have to be as intricate as a countdown, even a simple GIF could suffice. Something that makes the newsletter more fun for the reader.

J Crew Looks Tasty

We’ve mentioned the importance of visuals in newsletters and this J Crew Thanksgiving newsletter is another reminder of how useful a well-chosen visual can be.

Not only does the image of the turkey immediately evoke the memory of Thanksgiving for the reader, but J Crew also adds a human element by including the hand holding a fork.

This is a clever move on J Crew’s part—it gives the newsletter some movement. Instead of a passive table scene, they are tying the imagery to the person reading the newsletter.

But also note the use of color here. J Crew’s newsletter is wildly vibrant—the bright mustard of the background is sure to hold the reader’s attention and encourage them to read further.

This guide on brand colors explains that yellow is often associated with cheerfulness, friendliness, and playfulness, traits that J Crew clearly aimed to exude with this newsletter.

Let this be a reminder: Keep your Thanksgiving newsletter simple but don’t be afraid to use a strong color palette that evokes powerful emotions in the reader.

Brooks Brothers Combines Events

Thanksgiving is an event in itself but it is also the start of what is generally thought of as the winter holiday season.

Plus, Thanksgiving is followed by Black Friday, a massive international retail sales events that customers around the world look forward to with enthusiasm.

Most customers will be looking to buy their holiday gifts during Black Friday because of the excellent discounts, and that is something you can tie into your Thanksgiving newsletter.

Brooks Brothers effectively combined the two events in their Thanksgiving newsletter, alongside some evocative imagery, and a fun GIF.

But they go a step further by not just sending wishes and offering Black Friday discounts—Brooks Brothers also includes a section for people to donate money to a hospital.

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful and to give to others—use those sentiments in your Thanksgiving newsletter to evoke emotion from your audience and humanize your brand.

Uber’s CTA

Anyone involved in content marketing, particularly in email marketing, knows the importance of a good call-to-action, or CTA.

The above Uber Thanksgiving newsletter does a lot of things right. First of all, it’s quirky—the GIF of the various Thanksgiving and holiday icons is fun to look at and appealing.

Additionally, they don’t use a regular ‘buy now’ or ‘on sale now’ CTA—they go with ‘how it works’, which is different enough to get a reader’s attention.

But the CTA they’ve used also ties into what their special Thanksgiving service is—booking advanced rides to the airport for the customer’s Thanksgiving holiday.

This is not a service that Uber normally provides, so the recipient’s reaction won’t be to book immediately but to find out how it works. Hence, Uber’s CTA.

The CTA is also the first thing most readers will see which will make them curious—how what works, they will ask and read the preceding paragraph to find out more.

Be creative in your CTA choice—do something a bit different to attract attention and keep people reading. But always keep it relevant to your content and your messaging.

Whole Foods Market’s Precision

Thanksgiving is all about making a great dinner for the family. But how does one go about it?

If your company is selling Thanksgiving-related products, a cooking guide can make your newsletter all that more appealing to readers.

With their Thanksgiving Newsletter, Whole Foods Market prove how well they know their audience. In their extensive newsletter, they have laid out what is needed for a proper turkey dinner, and how the audience can make their own.

They also include a gift guide, because, as we have noted, Thanksgiving heralds the holiday season.

But Whole Foods Market go a step further with their newsletter—they have included a list of sales items that would be necessary for a Thanksgiving meal.

This is a precise and well-targeted newsletter and shows how important it is for marketers to know their audience.

Your target market may not need such an extensive cooking guide for Thanksgiving—they may want to know about items on sale, nearest places to eat, or what else to do during the event.

Find out what your audience needs from you and tailor your Thanksgiving newsletter according to those needs to improve your click rates and conversions.

Pinkberry Misses You

This is a slightly left-field Thanksgiving newsletter from Pinkberry, but it works. Your mail subscription client will give you details about which customers aren’t engaging with your brand.

Why not use Thanksgiving as an opportunity to draw them back in? That’s what Pinkberry have done with their newsletter.

It’s a simple visual—nothing directly to do with Thanksgiving. Instead they use their own product as the imagery, as one would do with an email popup on a website.

The messaging is the key here—Pinkberry is trying to reach out to customers who aren’t engaging with the brand by offering them an incentive to come back.

SocialPilot Rewards Loyal Customers

Source: Chaimaileon

On the flipside, you should be using Thanksgiving as a way to continue engaging your loyal customers.

This SocialPilot newsletter rewards loyal customers by giving them a Thanksgiving offer as a token of gratitude for their continued patronage.

As we have mentioned, Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful, and this goes for brands and their customers—a brand would not exist without its customers, so thanking people who have been with the brand for a long time is well worth the time and effort.

Study your email and subscription list and see which customers regularly interact with your newsletters and your brand and thank them for their loyalty.

Blurb Thanks You

And finally, Thanksgiving itself isn’t the end of your email campaign.

Ensure that your audience knows that you are still interested in their support even after they’ve bought from you.

Follow up emails are a necessity for keeping your customers engaged and interacting with your brand, and what better way to follow up than by thanking your customers?

Blurb has created an excellent post-Thanksgiving newsletter that combines attractive imagery, a light color palette, and their brand essence.

This newsletter also asks people to further engage with the brand, while teasing a new offer.

All of these elements can be incorporated into your Thanksgiving followup email to ensure that your customers stay engaged and keep coming back for more.

Summing Up

Being creative with your Thanksgiving newsletter doesn’t mean using outlandish colors, going off-brand, or sharing unbelievable offers that your company can’t afford.

It’s more about understanding your customer’s needs, using attractive, sometimes quirky imagery, and finding fun ways to keep people engaged.

The newsletters above all use different methods to attract their customers. With these unique emails in mind, you too can create a Thanksgiving newsletter campaign that will effectively help you reach your customers and boost sales over the holiday season.