Facebook remains a reigning champ of social networking sites, as the #1 platform where internet users connect and share online.

With more than 2.4 billion active users, Facebook has become more than just a meeting place for friends. It's now grown into an essential channel for businesses to market themselves through interaction with customers and self-promotion.

Now that it has become a must-do channel for most marketers, Facebook continues to release useful marketing features. These features can provide laser-targeted results for advertisers of all stripes.

As a savvy marketer, here are the top 7 Facebook advertising features to consider in your marketing to boost your brand awareness and drive more leads in 2020.

#1. Video Ads

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According to the latest video marketing statistics, at least 1.6 billion Facebook daily users watch an average of 8 billion videos regularly on the platform. It means that the Facebook video ads feature offers you a massive opportunity to expand your brand exposure and reach a broader audience.

Facebook will autoplay your video in users' timelines, making it the most highly engaging ad format to catch the users' attention. In a survey by Promo, more than 71% of users find Facebook video ads relevant to what they're interested in at certain times.

For payment, you can choose to pay by impression or views (you'll be charged when a user views at least 10 seconds of your video).

Quick Tip: If you're interested in market video using this feature, make sure you design your video without sound. Facebook sets it to no-sound as the default.

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Facebook carousel ads allow you to showcase up to ten images or videos (each with a separate link) within a single ad. When users click on any card, they will be directed to a relevant landing page.

This kind of ad format makes it easier for you to highlight different products and showcase specific details on each carousel card.

Since Facebook carousel ads are visually enticing and interactive, they're highly engaging to promote your brand. Using this ad format can drive 3X more conversions and up to 85% better click-through rates.

Quick Tip: In carousel ads, the format is vital. For images, you can only use JPG or PNG format no more than 30MB. For video, the supported formats are .mp4 and .mov with the size limit of 4GB.

#3. Lead Ads

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Facebook lead ads are an excellent way to find the leads you've been looking for. From getting sign-ups for the newsletter to offering deals or promotions, this feature makes it easier for you to know and reach your target customers.

When users that are interested in your product click on the ad, they are presented with a pre-populated instant form with information from their Facebook profile. They can edit it and confirm it with ease.

In this case, you can collect information from potential customers, such as names, email addresses, phone numbers, etc. With this information, you can learn more about your customers and use an email automation tool to move them further down the sales funnel.

Quick Tip: Make sure you use an engaging image or other thumb-stopping contents, such as short video, CTA button, and promotional ad copy, to let users know why they need to sign up.

With this transparent process, your lead ads are not just capturing leads, but also converting users into new customers.

#4. Facebook Stories Ads

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More than 300 million Facebook users use the feature Stories every day. Besides, a Facebook-commissioned study found that 62% of users are more interested in a brand they see in Stories.

Those facts alone show a green light for you to put your ads in the feature to get more reach and boost your brand awareness.

Facebook Stories ads provide your potential customers to get an immersive, fast, full-screen advertisement viewing-experience. They can seamlessly swipe down the Stories to reach your landing page for more details about your brand.

Quick Tip: Users consume Facebook Stories way faster than any other medium. One essential thing to be mindful of is where to put your call-to-action button. Make sure you make it visible for users and easy to grasp.

#5. Targeting Options

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As a marketer, you only want to reach the right segment of the population, those who care most about your brand.

Using Facebook ads features helps you to reach ideal customers based on their expressed interests. In this matter, you can build a strong connection with them when and where it matters most.

Here are three Facebook targeting options that can make your ads personally relevant to the users you want to reach:

  • Interest targeting. It helps you to find users who are most likely interested in your product based on the Pages they've liked, their activities, the profiles they visit the most, etc.
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  • Demographic targeting. It helps you to track your potential customers based on where they live, their job, language, income, gender, age, political views, etc.
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  • Behavioral targeting. It helps you to reach your customers by their purchasing history, the events they're following, personal anniversaries, device usage, etc.
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Quick Tip: The more specific you set your targeting options, the higher the opportunity you'll get to reach a perfect target audience for your Facebook campaigns.

#6. Facebook Pixel

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Facebook Pixel is a snippet of JavaScript code that helps you track your visitors' activities or actions on your website as a result of your paid ads and organic posts. The activities include viewing content, making a purchase, and completing registration.

To make it work, all you have to do is place some code to any pages on your website you want to track.

With the help of Facebook Pixel, it is much easier for you to optimize your targeting efforts, remarket to your visitors, and measure conversions. After all, it's insanely helpful to leverage your Facebook ads campaign continually.

Quick Tip: Installing Facebook Pixel is a must after launching your Facebook ads campaign. Not only is it useful to monitor how successful your Facebook ads actually are, but it's also necessary to garner insights for both your current and potential customers.

#7. Facebook Messenger Bots

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Facebook messenger bots is another worth-considering feature to optimize your Facebook ads campaign.

It helps you to answer basic customers' questions automatically and perform tasks– including redirecting users to your relevant landing page for more information.

Using this feature allows you to have a "24/7 marketing assistant," so your customers don't have to wait long to get the answers they're looking for. Also, it's an excellent way to save more time and money on customer support.

Now, there are currently more than 300,000 active bots on Facebook messenger. In 2020, at least  80% of marketers plan to take advantage of this feature.

Quick Tip: Facebook messenger bots should be casually conversational. It's crucial to provide only a couple of sentences per message and make sure you use breaks between messages. You can also use emoji or add images or GIFs to create a fun, friendly chatting experience for your potential customers.

Summing Up

With several features launched intentionally for marketing purposes, Facebook is now becoming one of the must-use marketing channels for marketers who want to expand their exposure in today's incredibly fierce market. While Facebook Ads can be a lot to digest at first, with research and experimentation, you should be able to see incredible results in no time. Alternatively, you could hire a dedicated digital marketing agency to manage your Facebook campaigns for you to save time and expedite success.

Not to mention that the Facebook ad campaign is affordable and effortless to do. It's ridiculously helpful to manage your advertising campaigns all in one platform.